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Air Duct Cleaning Winston-Salem NC | Improve HVAC System Airflow

What can cause airflow problems in heating/air conditioning systems? For starters, outdated or poorly installed vents result in less than optimal airflow through ventilation ductwork. In addition to these design flaws inherent with new construction (in which original designers weren't aware of current energy efficiency standards), older homes may be plagued by leaky seals around venting pipes - leading to squandered cash!

Airflow testing and duct sealing to keep your home's HVAC system operating as efficiently as possible. You'll notice lower energy bills, more comfortable living quarters - all because you have a properly sealed and insulated air-duct! Contact us today for free estimates on the work we do best: it should be right up your alley!


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A leaky duct system can be a severe problem for homeowners. When they don't work correctly, your furnace or air conditioning systems have to run harder, and it's more challenging to maintain the desired temperature in your house. Leaky ducts may also cause some rooms to get too hot during the summer months or too cold during winter days because not every room is receiving an even distribution of heated/cooled air from them!

We don't want you worrying about a single leak anymore! Our experts can run a test to see where your duct leaks are located and help with any repairs needed. We use something as small as an air pressure fan, which will pressurize the entire system and measure how much leakage is happening to pinpoint those pesky leaks that always seem impossible to find. This process also helps us determine just how big of repair we'll need so it won't take long or cost too much.


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We can help you get the airflow testing and duct sealing services your home needs. Our experienced professionals will carefully evaluate all details of your current airflow situation, including a thorough safety inspection for furnace or heating system leaks that pose potential fire hazards in homes with kids crawling around on top of them. Give us a call today!


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